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Acarta GmbH

…it´s quality which matters!

For nearly over a decade, Acarta is gaining customer‘s confidence in Germany and Europe simply with the quality of the products.

We, as a plastic card manufacturing company, are not only giving much effort in the quality of the product; which for us and our customers is self evidence. We also
understand to communicate openly, to offer fair services to all business partners and to be flexibile and reliable. These are the main principles in our sense of business. This goes hand in hand with fair working conditions, economic and social responsibility for people living and working in our world.

We think quality goes along with the idea of our balanced environment and there-fore we offer an environmental friendly product. Our newest development is a card
produced with renewable resources, carbon neutral and biodegradable.
Sustainability is innovation and obligation.

Acarta is your partner, when it comes to plastic cards!