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RFID-transponder cards

RFID-Cards (contactless smart cards), ID-Cards and RFID-key fobs

RFID-Cards (transponder cards) are cards with an integrated antenna and are encoded and read out contactless by radio frequency identification (RFID). They are easy to use for many applications (access control, time tracking) and work more reliable in the field (RFID-cards are insensitive to moisture, dirt and mechanical influences).



Dual Frequency, Combination of different RFID-technologies, contact chip and magnetic stripe

RFID-key fobs and special sizes

We produce RFID-Cards in sizes divergent to the normal credit card size and keytags or key fobs with all established technologies (Mifare, Legic, EM, Hitag). All our cards and key fobs can be encoded and personalised.

Formats that differ from credit card size, oversizes or touchless key fobs for access control, finalize the RFID-supply of Acarta.