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RFID blocking card

Contact-free payment – Blessing, or curse?
RFID and NFC can be really dangerous!

Probably you know from your own experience, how easy it is, to order on the internet using a credit card; often you don’t even need a CVV or your PIN. But did you know, how easy it is for criminal data thieves to obtain your sensible data by simply walking past you? With day to day readers and apps your data can be seen. This includes your Credit number, expiration dates, your name and more. With simple tools the signal can also be amplified to a distance of more than 20 cm. And now the data thieves already got everything they need.
That’s why you should prevent it right now!

It’s so easy, to protect yourself, atleast against this kind of data theft.
A simple protective card, the size of a credit card is all that it takes!

The RFID Blocking Card from Acarta will protect you!

  • Easy usage; simply put the card infront of all the cards you want to protect, inside your wallet.
  • You no longer need a protective cover for every single of your cards which saves space. No more extra bags for all your cards and no more complex usage.
  • A RFID Blocking Card from Acarta comes in standardized credit card size is enough, to protect all your RFID-Cards.