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Plastic cards

Laminated plastic cards

We are producing plastic cards according to the ISO norm 7810 and ensure consistent attributes for highest demands. The multilayer construction of the laminated cards (full or semi transparent, glossy or matt) is causing a high flexural strength for best bending properties. It protects from abrasion of the printing ink. We offer you optimal printing methods for every occasion and materials as PVC, ABS; PC and PET, biomaterials or compound constructions by request and when required. Of course, we are also offering alternatives to the ISO norm, from highly thin cards of 0,2 mm to Cards with a thickness of more than 2 mm.

Card features

We are offering any desired feature such as signature panel, scratch-off areas, hot foil stamping or holograms, ID cards with magnetic stripe, contact chip or RFID chip.


We can personalise and encode your plastic cards with every available
personalisation technology: embossing, thermal printing, DOD-UV-Inkjet or Laser. For every application, we have the most suitable technology.

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