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Name, photo or customer ID – if you want to print all customised datas on the card and encode at the same time the data medium (magnetic stripe, chip), we can offer for every application the most suitable technology.


Speedjet is a DOD-UV-Inkjet-technology. Best suited for big quantities and 1-colour personalisation. A high resolution of 360 dpi enables very little font size and high performance of bar code reading.

-Daliy Capacity of up to 300.000 cards
and very short delivery time possible

-optionally encoding of magnetic stripe
-ISO-Cards and special sizes
Standard credit card size and larger sizes up to 180 x 300 mm.

 -Several materials and card thickness
PVC, PC, PET, ABS, Cardboard from 0,25mm up to 3 mm

Thermal printing

This printing technology allows all from monochrome to a full colour printing near offset quality!

-Personalisation with 4-colour photos is possible.

-optionally encoding of magnetic stripe or chip-encoding


Embossing was the only personalisation technology for many decades and is still used for credit cards. That´s why people still consider embossed cards to be of very high quality, particularly valuable and durable. Therefore embossing is still often used even though there are restrictions of font and font size.
-font available  
Gothic 10: only capital letters, numbers 0 to 9, some special characters – & , . / ‚, and German Ä Ö Ü

OCR 7: only numbers 0 to 9

-encoding of magnetic stripe

-thermal printing



During the process of laser-engraving, your data (Name, numbers, barcode etc.) will be burned into the plastic card, into the layer made of foil. This makes it impossible to remove or manipulate the engraving and makes it exceptionally more durable. This method of laser-personalisation is especially popular for debit cards, insurance cards, driving licenses and credit cards, which contain your name and similar information.