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Eco-friendly cards

Eco-friendly cards

Acarta offers the adequate eco-friendly card for every requirement. For simple and short-time usage an economically Cardboard-Card, or a Wodden-Card if it shall be a very special card. But for some applications the card has to be durable and must not be destroyed when it is stressed for example in the wallet for a longer period of time. Therefor we offer eco-friendly plastic-cards, such as the ECO-Card made compostable and biodegradable plastic or the Recycled-Card made 100% recyceled PVC.


The Acarta ECO-Card is made of an innovative material developed on the basis of the normal PVC-structure but which is biodegradable if the card is composted. This so-called Bio-PVC is free of toxic substrates such as softeners or heavy metals. The excellent technical and mechanical features of this material is very suitable for sophisticated and durable applications such as loyalty-cards, membership-cards or ID-cards, always when the card has to endure a long period of time and must not break when it is stressed for example in the wallet.


Our Recycled-Card is made of 100% recycled PVC and therefor there is no negative effect on the eco-balance. The Recycled-Card can be recycled again and again and therefor it is at the front of all renewable materials.