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Eco-friendly cards

Eco-friendly cards

Acarta offers the adequate eco-friendly card for every requirement: economically cardboard cards for simple usage, recyclable or alternative synthetic substances like PET or compostable and carbon neutral cards made of regenerative materials and of renewable resources.


The Acarta Bio-Card is made of Bio-PVC, a compostable and biodegradable plastic and free of toxic substances such as softeners or heavy metals. Those excellent technical and mechanical features are very suitable for sophisticated and durable applications.


Our latest environment card is durable like a normal plastic card – even though it is completely different. The material is free of PVC and oil but made of renewable resources and is carbon dioxide neutral. The used wood components are PEFC certified. This environment card is biodegradable just like normal wood and sets only free as much climate-damaging carbon dioxide as the plant has taken out of the fresh air before.