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Extraordinary plastic cards

Foil hotstamping and holograms

With a metallic or glossy and coloured foil hotstamping plastic cards appear nobly and valuably. Especially logos and letterings are often highlighted with special matt/gloss effects. Holograms could be used as a security feature, but also give the card a special exclusive style. Acarta offers a lot of standard designs, which can be individualised. Letterings and logos can be embossed or lasered – a very economically way of hologram-personalisation.

Extraordinary applications

An UV-check card with an included thermometer brings your sunny vacation to perfection. Or a suitcase tag with your name on it makes sure that your luggage won´t get lost. Your customers will surely appreciate it – hence you do.

Special printing inks and varnishes

Besides of design elements (glitter-pigments, metallic, irodine) there are also perfumed cards or spot varnishes, interference-, IR- and UV-inks (colour effects depending on the viewing-angle). With 3D-vanishes, surfaces are getting high-lighted or special marterials are simulated.