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Card carrier, packaging and accessories

Card carrier

You would like to offer your cards at the cash desk for sale and need a simple card carrier with eurohole? Present your cards on a refined carrier, inform and explain with a folded carrier. Or just integrate the request-form of the loyalty card, optional with a personalisation and matching of card and carrier.

Packaging for plastic cards

Card sleeves protect the sensitive plastic card, offer more space for printing informations and are an excellent advertising medium at the same time. We offer everything: from a unique customer-specific printed card sleeve to an extraordinary packaging giving a card a specal exclusivity, a refined Card-Box e.g. Last but not least gift cards are getting a special message with a nice cover.


Whether ID cards being used for years and need to be protected or nametags for a single event, we have the perfect accessory for any purpose. Printed lanyards and clips, card holders and badge reels or plastic loops in various colours and different materials.